BAND OF THE DAY – Scruffy Fish

Band of the Day: Scruffy Fish Roger Duncan- One World 1. Our group views music as medicine and so we get the greatest sense of accomplishment when we can share our passion with those who may be struggling. Our fondest memory was playing for a group of kids who are survivors of neglect and abuse. At […]

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Band of the Day: TEFZEE 1. What has been your biggest show or accomplishment to date and why? My biggest would probably be in front of a few thousand at Electric Music festival in British Columbia. My biggest accomplishment was being recognized by Sony Canada rep. 2. What has been your worst show and why? Local Edmonton show with maybe […]

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BAND OF THE DAY – 240 (TwoForty)

Band of the Day: 240   1.Our biggest show or accomplishment no doubt has been opening up of EconolineCrush at The Marquee. We all have been huge fans of the band since the 90’s andit was such an amazing experience. 2. Our worst show was probably at The Rebublik when our guitarists headblew up on his […]

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BAND OF THE DAY – King Dylan

Band of the Day: King Dylan 1. My biggest show/performance would have to be Mighty Peace Day (We Day) at the Crystal Center Arena in front of ~4000 youth in Grande Prairie, AB in October 2013 because it was my first time playing inan arena on a big stage. Kids were lining up for pictures and […]

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EARLY BIRD APPLICATIONS! -22 Days 21 Hours 22 Minutes 43 Seconds